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Who We Are

Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc. (SMT) specializes in providing comprehensive exam development and administration services to certification organizations and licensing agencies. SMT was founded in 1995 and is led by its President, Dr. Lee Schroeder, a 30 year veteran of the testing industry. SMT is professionally staffed with veterans of the testing business that include those with academic test and measurement credentials, as well as individuals with professional backgrounds in other vital areas. SMT staff members include those with experience as psychometricians, test developers, program managers, editors, computer programmers, test administrators, and support staff for finance shipping, printing and security. We are located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida, a gulf coast community near Tampa Bay.

SMT contracts with associations and regulatory boards to develop and administer their certification and/or licensure exams. More than 60 clients, across numerous professions, rely on us to meet their global needs. From cosmetology to highly specialized nursing care to financial planning to dependency counseling, SMT specializes in comprehensive client tailored solutions. We work intimately with our clients to provide exam programs that accurately, securely and reliably measure the knowledge, skills and abilities required to be a successful practitioner of a profession.

We also understand that each credentialing agency is unique, and our experience allows us to build each program to fit the specific needs of our clients. Our technologies reflect our commitment to gaining efficiencies for our clients and are built on the expertise of the people who use them. Whether you have an established program or one that is being newly developed, our combination of people, processes and technologies will serve to assist you in achieving your program goals.