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Committed to providing

innovative, cost-effective, secure services and solutions.

Solutions through Innovation

Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to develop lasting, productive partnerships with certification and licensing agencies around the globe by providing the highest quality products, services, and support.

Our strategy is to continually update, revise, and improve our technologies, methodologies, psychometric models and operational processes to ensure:

  • the legal defensibility of client exams
  • the efficiency of our examination delivery methods, and
  • the breadth of services offered to our clients.

Our goal is to thoroughly delight our clients and their candidates with the services we provide.

Our management philosophy has several main tenents:

  • be open and flexible in addressing the unique needs of each of our clients
  • provide direct invovlement of the senior management team in day to day client service and support
  • make security an important consideration in all aspects of the business