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SMT's staff

SMT specializes in client-tailored services because we understand that each credentialing agency is unique. Regardless of all the technology, systems, psychometrics, procedures, and processes available, we understand that certification is first-and-foremost a people business. Candidates taking tests, Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) creating items, and clients dealing with vendors are all human interactions.

Dr. Lee Schroeder has been in the assessment business for over 30 years, during which he has developed a reputation for knowledge, integrity, and common sense. And he has assembled an enthusiastic, like-minded group of individuals to work with our clients. Key members of the SMT management team are:

Sean Colton, Vice President
Sean has 20+ years of experience in management — with more than 10 years right here at Schroeder Measurement Technologies Inc. (SMT). During his tenure at SMT, Sean has been actively involved in many aspects of the testing process, from test development and exam administration to accreditation...
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Steve Schimsky, Director of MIS
Steve has been with SMT since its inception in 1995 and has over 17 years of experience designing network architecture and writing comprehensive testing software. Steve has been instrumental in creating numerous systems and applications both for internal and client use including the SMT-Test Develo...
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Rachel Araujo-Newton, Manager, Assement and Psychometric Services
Rachel Araujo-Newton is the Manager for the Assessment & Psychometric Services (APS) department. Rachel has 10 years of experience in the testing industry, serving as the primary day-to-day contact for clients for coordination and facilitation of test development activities such as item writing ...
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Katrina Albrecht, Associate Director of Operations
Katrina Albrecht has 23 years of management, with more than 13 years of serving in a supervisory and client resource capacity at Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc. (SMT).  Ms. Albrecht maintains continuous communication with the clients to ensure timely progress in meeting program deadlin...
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