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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How does SMT charge for Consulting or Administrative Services?

SMT offers flexibility in structuring the contractual relationship with our clients.  SMT can arrange pricing on a fee for service, fee per candidate, or combination basis. 

What level of commitment is required to contract with SMT?

SMT offers flexibility in its range of services depending upon the needs of a given client.  Some clients contract with SMT to provide all aspects of test development and administration services.  Other clients engage SMT for portions of their test development or test administration services. And a few clients engage SMT  soley to perform special projects.

Are SMT's tools and technologies available to me without having to contract for services?

Yes.  Our state-of-the-art Test Development Center (TDC) provides item banking, item development, form development and test publishing capabilities. It is available for licensing independent of contracted services.

How does SMT save me money?

SMT has developed streamlined and efficient processes and utilizes technology to cut down both the hours required of its staff as well as the time investment required by client staff and volunteers. In addition, SMT employs technologies to reduce the need for face to face meetings thus saving time and money.

What is SMT's relationship with IQT and ESS?

 SMT has forged strong partnerships with both Iso-Quality Testing, Inc. (IQT) and Examination Security Solutions, Inc. (ESS). There is great synergy in what the three companies provide to credentialing and licensing organizations. SMT focuses upon test development and program administration services. IQT focuses on test administration and delivery. And ESS provides security and investigative services covering all aspects of credentialing and licensing efforts.